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Why Bulgaria?

• This is an excellent place to rest and restore health.

• Advantageous geographical location.

• Real estates in a tourist area yield rental income.

• Appropriate ratio of the affordable property price and European quality of construction.

• Low costs of property maintenance and living.

• Lack of language barrier with the locals.

• Bulgarian traditions are close to the views of Russians.

• Living in the country is safe.

• Ease of purchase. Procedure and deal closing have no complications and additional documents.

• National cuisine close to the Russian one.

We will introduce you to the new, modernBulgaria! The image of this country over the last decade significantly changed! The political and economic stability in the country received worldwide recognition.

Bulgaria currently offers one of the most advantageous conditions for investment inEurope. After the period of recovery and stabilization of the economy in recent years,Bulgaria is now revealing its full potential. Considering the unstable economic situation inRussia and near abroad countries, investments in perspective and dynamically developing real estates inBulgaria, is a guarantee of preserving and increasing the capital!

Bulgaria was admitted to NATO. On January 1st, 2007Bulgaria became a full EU member. Since June 2011Bulgaria has been included in the composition of the countries of the Schengen Union. All citizens ofBulgaria move without visas in the EU countries. Market economy develops successfully in the country and it can be profitably invested therein. The safety of your deposits is guaranteed by the law of liberal policy.

So, it can be much said, why namelyBulgaria attracts both large and small investors, but let's consider the most basic factors:

• Since 01/01/2007Bulgaria has become a full member of the European Union!

• Since June 2011Bulgariahas become a member of the Schengen Union.

• Stable economic environment!

• Stable banking sector!

• Legal framework!

•Bulgariais a member of NATO - which is an additional guarantee of stability, especially for foreign investors!