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Assistance in acquiring a real estate

The acquisition of the real estate ownership in the Republic of Bulgaria can be divided into several stages:

• Choosing the real estate unit in Bulgaria. After the viewing trip an appointment with the builder - seller will be made to reserve the unit and sign a preliminary contract of sale and purchase. Our lawyers will examine precisely all legal documents of the builder to ensure clear title and the preliminary contract, which consists of a Russian and Bulgarian version. The preliminary contract specifies your chosen property, the final cost and payment terms (here our assistants will help to get from the builder the best possible conditions).

• After the final, 100% payment of the real estate, the date of the deal – acquisition of the real estate ownership will be set. We assist in the preparation of all documents necessary to close the deal. If you are not within the territory of Bulgaria, then in that case we shall prepare a power of attorney to our lawyers for the distance acquisition of your real estate ownership. For that purpose it is required to have notarized by a Russian notary or by the Bulgarian consul in Russia: a power of attorney from the buyer (-s), as well as two declarations (a declaration of civil status and a declaration of the origin of money), only in case you have failed to notarize the power of attorney with a Bulgarian notary.

• Acquisition of the real estate ownership. On the date set by the notary you will arrive in Bulgaria for the acquisition or if you do not have such an opportunity, then the deal will be distance closed under a power of attorney. We provide such a service – distance acquisition of the real estate ownership.

Once your real estate has been acquired the Title Deed can be obtained after 1-2 days from the local notary, in the municipality.

Then it is required to register the property in the BULSTAT register and tax office. After signing the title deed the property owner is required to register the real estate within a week in the BULSTAT register and within 2 months in the tax office. After submitting all of the above mentioned declarations, you have satisfied all requirements of the Bulgarian legislation.

At this stage we also offer propertyregistration service.