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Obtaining residence (temporary residence, permanent residence)

Since 2011 a new law for obtaining residence by Russian citizens who are not pensioners has come into force. Before 2011 a residence could be obtained by establishing a Bulgarian legal entity, even without being an owner of a property in Bulgaria, or renting an apartment in Bulgaria, having a lease agreement. However, since January 2011 another law of the Republic of Bulgaria has entered into force according to which persons who are foreign nationals may obtain temporary residence in Bulgaria under the following conditions:

Option I – Registration of a commercial representation office (Registration of a representation office of your Russian company in Bulgaria).

Documents required for the registration of a representation office in the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

1. A document for registration of a foreign legal entity. / An original translated in Bulgarian and having an Apostille. In case there are any changes following the first registration, then all subsequent decisions must be presented. / Apostille /

2. A certificate of good standing / valid for 6 months / An original translated in Bulgarian and having an Apostille /.

3. A document proving the managers and representatives of the foreign legal entity. / An original translated in Bulgarian and having an Apostille /.

4. Authorization on behalf of the governing body of the foreign legal entity for establishing a commercial representation office in Bulgaria / An original translated in Bulgarian and having an Apostille /.

5. A special notarized power of attorney granted by the person / persons / under item 3 having the scope of representative power of the persons who may be representatives.

6. Original specimen signatures of the persons who will act as representatives. /Notarized in the Bulgarian Consulate/

7. A notarized copy of the Statute.

8. A tax registration certificate, if any, an original or a certified copy, apostille;

9. An application form.

10. An information card.

11. State fee

Items 8, 9 and 10 shall be prepared here.

Documents that have to be prepared are the decision of the relevant company to open a commercial representation office in the Republic of Bulgaria and appointment of a particular person to act as a representative by means of an additional power of attorney having the scope of representative power, e.g. if he is a single owner, he takes decisions and appoints the representative and again he grants the power of attorney with the scope of representative power.

If it is a Limited Liability Company – the relevant report of the company that takes the decision to open a representation office, and for example, authorizes the manager or director to empower the representative with certain rights and additional power of attorney. Depending on the model and law.

Option II - Investment in the economy of Bulgaria EUR 600 000 (six hundred thousands euros), allowing you to obtain automatically permanent residence in Bulgaria.

Option III - residence in Bulgaria for pensioners.

If you are a pensioner you need to submit a declaration from Russia that you are an insured pensioner. Make translation and legalization in 3 copies with an Apostille stamp. Entry in Bulgaria with type D visa. After 2-3 months you will obtain temporary residence that is issued for a period of 1 year, it must be renewed each year).

Our lawyers provide the service of obtaining temporary and permanent residence for Russian citizens. If you are not able to be present at all stages of preparing the documents you may grant a power of attorney to our lawyers who will remotely prepare all documents required for obtaining a residence.