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How to measure the area in Bulgaria?

When buying apartments, the value is determined by the total area of the apartments. Very often Russian buyers of real estates inBulgariaask the following question: "... why it is specified area X in the price list, but actually it is less, what is the cause? "

An answer to this question:

The area of the dwelling inBulgariais determined on the basis of two documents. This is Regulation № 5 on the normative territory structure and Regulation on the Implementation of the State Property Act.

The percentage of ideal shares of the common areas of the building adjacent to one apartment, excluding the attic and cellar is defined as follows: in case of 100% residential area and 100% ideal shares, X% ideal shares of the building must correspond to an apartment with X% built-up area.

The common areas include: landing, lift shafts, balconies on the stairs, the outbuilding areas excluding.

For example, an apartment with a built-up area of 132 square meters + pantry of 5.5 sq.m., has 1.876% ideal shares of the common areas of the building.

After all, a person will not be able to enter his apartment without using the stairs and the lift; he is a co-owner of a part thereof. They have been built-up and the builder has paid a certain amount for them to provide normal access to each apartment.

The net area of apartments in Bulgaria includes: balcony, sanitary unit (bathroom), and also the walls (if the wall is external, then it is included 100% in the area of the owner, it is usually equal to about 30 cm, if the external wall adjoins the neighboring apartment, then the total wall area is divided into two).