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Visas for Bulgaria


To enter Bulgaria Citizens of Russia and the CIS countries need to have Bulgarian or the Schengen visa.

At our offices you will have the assistance of our experts in getting  Bulgarian and Schengen visas, as well as to choose the most attractive and profitable flights to Bulgaria from all airlines.

Term of procurement of Bulgarian visa in Moscow:

up to 10 days is a common visa

up to 3 days – an urgent Visa

up to 45 days-Visa "D" (Note! When applying for a visa "d" requires personal presence of the candidate in the order queue)

 10 to 45 days-Multiple entry visas for property owners

From January 2012 Bulgaria have a new law. According to this the holders of Schengen visa type "C" and "D" from the category of residence permit have the right to enter/to travel to Bulgaria aimed to transit in Schengen visa act. If You have the Schengen visa in Bulgaria you can stay up to 90 days in a half-year period .

Important! Stay in Bulgaria for the Schengen visa will not be taken into account when calculating the number of days allowed for a stay in the countries of the Schengen Agreement.



It is required to submit in the visa center:

• Inquiry - completed visa inquiry, which must be signed by the person entering the country in his/her own handwriting.

• International passport - a copy of the first page (which must be valid at least 3 months after the date of the prospective trip toBulgaria);

• Color photography 3.5 x 4.5 cm;

• Medical insurance policy, which must be valid during the entire trip;

• Tickets: airline tickets, train / bus tickets. The original return tickets with the exact dates are required. In case you travel by car, you need international insurance (Green Card), driving license.

Minors must submit:

• 1 copy of birth certificate;

• If minors are traveling without parents - Xerox copy of the travel permit, notarized by both parents / guardians.


• Copy of the title deed;

• If you apply to obtain a multiple-entry visa (multi visa) you are required to submit a Certificate of no tax liabilities, as well as a Certificate for commissioning of the building (Act № 16);

• If you have only a preliminary contract of sale and purchase, you will be issued a single-entry visa for 90 days;

• Multiple-entry visa for 12 months may be obtained upon presentation of a document that the building is ready for commissioning.


During the first submission of documents for visa owners of real property are eligible for a multiple-entry visa for 1 year, and then they may apply for a multiple multi visa forBulgaria for a period of 3 years (181 days over three years). For a multiple-entry visa the spouse of an owner may apply to, as well as children under 18 years of age because they are still family members (it is required to present a marriage certificate / birth certificate). Deadline for processing – multi visas are processed 45 days (as they are sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior ofBulgaria).

Relatives and other persons can get a visa on the basis of the title deed, but in that case it will be a single-entry visa.